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In Scotland he had sacrificed connections and career by meddling in politics, and here in America he sealed his ruin with that catastrophic pregnancy. Margaret Holland approached the situation from the practical side. She asked him about his earnings and was far from dismayed when he told her his annual salary – the three hundred and fifty dollars seemed more than enough. Then she wanted to know something about his family.

“My father is dead. My mother was very badly off when I left Scotland, and I am sure that by now she … I have a brother. He runs the family estate in Kilmar-nock. He raises sheep.

He owns the property. ”She nodded. “I have a brother who lives in Belfast. He’s a member of Young Ireland and he’s always in trouble. ”Her mother was dead, her father and three other brothers still lived in Ireland, and a fifth brother lived in Boston in the Fort Hill neighborhood. She shyly asked if she should tell her brother about Rob and ask him to look for a room for the two of them, perhaps near his apartment.

“Not now. There’s plenty of time for that later, ”he said, patting her cheek encouragingly.

The idea of ​​living in the eighth district appalled him. He knew that if he would remain a doctor for the poor immigrants, only in such a pen could he ensure the survival of himself, a wife and a child. The next morning he looked at the district with fear and anger, and a despair grew in him equal to the hopelessness he encountered everywhere in the poor streets and alleys.

He began to have restless sleep and bad dreams at night. Two dreams kept coming back. On particularly bad nights, he had both. After that he lay awake every time, recalling all the details carefully, until he no longer knew whether he was awake or asleep: early morning. Gray weather, but the sun is breaking through. He stands among a few thousand men in front of the Carron Iron Works, which manufacture large-caliber ship cannons for the English Navy. It starts well. A man on a box reads the pamphlet that Rob J. wrote anonymously to call on the men to demonstrate: “Friends and compatriots.” Woke up from the state in which we were held for so many years!

In view of our desperate situation and the contempt with which our petitions have been punished, we are now forced to fight for our rights at the risk of our lives. «The man speaks in a high and cracking voice, you can tell that he is afraid .

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